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(1993), Phoenix got a chance to combine acting with music, playing a singer wants to make it in Nashville.

He even contributed one of his own songs to the soundtrack.

On November 12, the Los Angeles County coroner’s report revealed that Phoenix died from “acute multiple drug intoxication” including deadly amounts of cocaine and morphine.

“When I was old enough to realize all meat was killed, I saw it as an irrational way of using our power, to take a weaker thing and mutilate it,” Phoenix told in 1989.

The couple followed a bohemian lifestyle, moving around a lot with their infant son.

They named their son after the river of life in Hermann Hesse’s book In 1972, the Bottoms took their lives in a new direction, joining the Children of God religious movement.

The film also starred Samantha Mathis as his love interest, and the two started dating.

with Jonathan Pryce and Judy Davis when tragedy struck.