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Best sex of the trip, hands down.”—Emily, 24 “I went to a big state school with a huge football program, and the craziest place I ever had sex was in the middle of the field, right on top of the logo of our school mascot! I'm not much of an exhibitionist, but I have to admit, it was a rush—and something we felt we needed to do before graduation.It’s definitely a night I will never forget.”—Jessie, 25 “When I was 20, my boyfriend and I were traveling through Europe on the Eurail train.Everywhere you looked, there was nothing but nature, and it was a thrill to know that someone could walk by at any minute.(They did—but they didn’t see us.)”—Jen, 26 “My guy is color blind, so I always go shopping with him when he needs to find business attire for work.One night, we realized we were by ourselves in the carriage, so we just went for it.It was incredibly exciting and “We were in the back of his parents RV while it was being towed by his parents—doing it in a moving vehicle is definitely something I recommend!So one of my favorite random spots was in the back of the movie theater during a midnight showing.

The first night, the tension was insane, so we headed back to his room—but we didn’t even make it upstairs. It was all well and good and exciting…until I remembered there are cameras in those things! I’d do it all over again.”—Tammy, 23 “My boyfriend and I were up on the roof of a fancy hotel for a party when we realized that a portion of it was blocked off by a row of potted plants.

We moved them enough to sneak on through, then we had sex while 50 people were partying on the other side of the bushes. We were “Last summer, a guy friend and I went for a walk at night, and once we got to the beach, we both sprinted to the lifeguard stand and climbed up.

We started talking, and then eventually he kissed me.

Our experience was cut short, though, when the RV got a flat, and his parents rushed back to make sure we were okay.

In a few days, I’m going to Cuba on vacation with a guy I’ve been sleeping with for eight years, but whom I've never once called my boyfriend.