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This acts as a sanity check to determine whether the derived rates are really of interest.

On initial examination, a soft-parse ratio of 50% would normally indicate a potential tuning area.

This information may indicate which events are of interest, however it may be misleading.

Single-instance tuning should be performed before attempting to tune the processes that communicate via the cluster interconnect is false, wait events are ordered by the number of waits.

The following are two ways that snapshots can be automated: - Oracle's DBMS_JOB utility to schedule snapshots. For NT, the AT scheduler in combination with files.

DBMS_JOB UTILITY The DBMS_JOB utility provides a way to schedule database related tasks that are controlled within the database.

The script is designed to setup the automation of executing snapshots once every hour. If wait time is available, a useful comparison can be made by taking the total wait time for an event, and comparing it to the elapsed time between snapshots. An event may be waited for a large number of times, however the wait time (if it were available for comparison) may show the actual time waited is small despite the high count, hence the event is not really of interest.The following line from the script is how the job is added to the schedule: dbms_job.submit(:jobno, 'statspack.snap;', trunc(sysdate 1/24,'HH'), - 'trunc(SYSDATE 1/24,''HH'')', TRUE, :instno); The benefits of using the script is that it: - Displays the job number assigned - Identifies the number of job_queue_processes set for the database - The next time that the snapshot will occur The Load Profile section of the Statspack report is useful primarily in comparing two reports to see if the load characteristics from the two report periods are similar.In proactive tuning, you generate reports on a routine basis and check the Load Profile for changes in throughput (shown by the per-second statistics) and changes in application characteristics (shown by the per-transaction statistics).