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Babs is the naughty niece whose locker room antics make her the favorite tight-end of the Pac-Ten.Herschel Savage plays the bad cousin who wants something and gets it with sexy Suzy the maid (sensational newcomer Kimmy Ji).Berkman Starring: Candie Evens, Careena Collins, Kimi Gee (as Kimi Jee), Krista Lane, Maggie Randall (as Liz Randall), Francois, Hershel Savage, Peter North, Tom Byron Description: Louise is the millionaires wife whos always ready for a raunchy ride with her well endowed chauffeur James. Lacy is the businessman who feels at home in a three-piece suit as well as a pair of red pedal pushers.

Production year: 1986 Country: USA Language: English Directed by: J.The daughter has seen enough, returns to her room, packs her school bag and says goodbye to her parents (there is no cum shot).*Anna plays a young girl who spies on her parents having sex.Luigi Soldati (listed in movie credits) Studio: La R. CINEMATOGRAFICA Actresses: *Tracey Adams aka Tracy Adams *Diane Suresne as M.Chatt *Doroty Gambier *Jeanet Parker Actors: *Rokyo Dyarkyphos *Roberto Malone *Francois Pouvret *A.