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At Nibeiwa many of the Italian gunners served their pieces until the tanks ran over them. But it is wrong to suppose that these operations were just a glorified field-day. The echoes of General Wavell's offensive were soon drowned in the thunder of greater battles on the Russian front. All this had been achieved at a cost of 500 killed, 1373 wounded and 55 missing, by a force only three divisions strong, of which only two divisions were employed at one time in the operations — 7 th Armoured Division and 4th Indian Division, the latter relieved after the battle of Sidi - Barrani by 6th Australian Division. In the bar, the officers of these two almost equally famous bat- talions of the Support Group reluctantly conceded to each other a common humanity which they were unwilling to recognise in any one else, except, of course, the cavalry and the R. From time to time, they broke into " Waltzing Matilda " or " The Wizard of Oz." The caf6 proprietors, the dragomen, the vendors of fly-whisks and erotic postcards regarded them with a respect born of apprehension rather than affection. Even the escorts of the young women had to admit that, though the cavalry might be a trifle snob, a good British cavalry regiment " had something." In the cloakrooms of the hotels the felt caps of the Rifle Brigade, with their silver Maltese crosses, hung beside those of the 60th with their red bosses and slung bugles. As for the Australians, strolling through the streets, ob- livious of senior officers, or driving, according to their custom, ten up in shabby victorias, they surveyed sardoni- cally the town which their fathers had " taken apart " at the end of the first war.Barcode : 9999999025891 1 Title - Rommel (1955) Author - Young Desmond Language - English Pages - 323 Publication Year - 1955 Barcode EAN. Would our worn-out tanks and over-taxed transport have been equal to another five hundred miles? When those forces, part of 2nd Armoured-Division, the New BENGHAZI (RETURN) 21 Zealand Division, the 6th and 7 th Australian Divisions and the Polish Brigade Group, were duly dispatched, he lost "practically the whole of the troops which were fully equipped and fit for operations." In the last resort, the statesmen must overrule the soldiers, for they alone see the whole picture.

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