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], I can bring a favorite beverage of yours if you like." Seriously! I wish you the best in your journey.” The Wimp: Lawyer Man and I met for drinks and we had a lovely time—and then I didn’t hear from him again. The Anonymous Man: Alphaman101 does not have a photo and he sends: Hi, you’re very pretty and I would like to get to know you better. 6-00 tall, Firm ,tone, athletic, muscular body, muscular chest, ( . Sincerely John xoxo" These guys are not worth your time and energy of a reply.

I replied: “FYI: it's not polite or appropriate to ask yourself over for dinner on first meeting. Weeks later he sent me a text message, Hi, Would you like to get together again. “I thought we got along fabulous.” I didn’t hear back from him; 4 weeks later he sent me a Valentine’s greeting. I thought you had died and gone to heaven.” “No, not dead,” he replied. Allen A man without a photo does not deserve a reply, but if you feel you must, you can reply, “I appreciate your message but I don't give out my personal email to strangers or correspondence to people without photos. Exec World Traveler: Don posted his age as 65; looking at his one bald headshot he was pushing 80.

Tapping into and then exaggerating anxieties many of us share, Craven handles the first hour with aplomb (but no bomb), slowly building the set-up while having fun with the clichés (a young blonde child is seen boarding her first flight alone), before switching gear abruptly when Jackson proves in an instant to be far from the charming would-be suitor Lisa was hoping would distract her from the flight.

As they near Miami and Lisa’s deathly dilemma becomes more desperate, Craven keeps the energy high, introducing vicious new twists at a breathless pace while increasing the claustrophobia with almost constant close-ups of the central pair (screenwriter Ellsworth cites Phone Booth as an influence).

Mc Adams makes an engaging and admirably resourceful heroine, while a typically impressive Murphy proves he doesn’t need a sack-cloth shroud and fear serum to scare — his ice-blue eyes, cold calm and sunken cheekbones making him an alluring yet deeply unnerving villain.

He’s hiding something, maybe a wife or girlfriend, financial problems or a jillion other personal problems.

___________________________________________ CAST OF CHARACTERS MELINDA: female; high-strung and high-maintenance, but trying to be on her best behavior.

MARK: male; a nice guy who is new to online dating; a frequent customer of the café.

I also believe in family vacations paid for by parents/grandparents.

My family does annual winter vacations in Hawaii and these fond memories of family vacations have been shown by studies done by the Greater Good Science Center affiliated with the Psychology Department of Cal-Berkeley to create far more happiness than the accumulation of expensive cars and the like. I am a very young 65, indeed I am by far the oldest one in my social group (aged 45 to 53) due to not having children until my late 30s/early 40s.