What to expect when dating a law student

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Yup, she just got engaged and humblebragging about it on Facebook, any store you walk into will be attacking your vision with hearts, flowers, rainbows, cuddly stuff, and any spa you go to get away from the stress of it all will have a couple’s package that you can’t choose. Fear not, there is enough time from now until the Day That Shall Not Be Named that you can find a Significant Other and avoid going to bed with contempt for love and a bottle of “well-being” (formerly known as wine). They’ll give you more than enough space to do your own thing and pursue your own interests. Humblebrag Rights If they’re in Law School, they are basically geniuses (or well, the real world seems to think so). They Hold Their Liquor A result of attending so many open bar events is they have a high tolerance for alcohol.

We’re all busy, even writing this article is probably going to cost me a letter grade or two. Every minute not spent productively is considered a minute lost.

Between an absurd amount of class time, reading, job hunting, socializing, networking, and various resume-building extracurriculars, law students have no time for relationships. Thus, a few minutes chasing a girl that ultimately fails is DISASTROUS from a time management perspective.

So take my advice, find yourself a Law Student (shouldn’t be too difficult, I mean who else reads this rag?

Or prepare for them to just bring their study materials along and attempt to be subtle about looking at their flash cards on their lap while eating dinner.

You might remember me from my college days as HC's Real Live College Guy, where I advised on picking up college guys, detecting cheaters,and what never to talk about with a guy among many other pressing college guy-related issues. Though love and law are feared by everyone, I'll put down the memo pad for a moment to continue sharing my wisdom to help collegiettes™ everywhere with slightly older guys and their love life (not legal) dilemmas.

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