Dating website without paying marissa mayer dating

This site is not devised for quality connections, but merely a quantity of hookups and sexual interludes.

I believe the alleged "success stories" are not real and were posted by the site to give the illusion that some have found a quality connection.

most of the guys on the site do NOT read profiles and most are NOT seeking a quality connection, but quantity interactions based on sending multiple flirts and likes.2.

many people on the site are married or involved, those that fall under that scenario are typically seeking a hookup, NOT a dating or relationship situation with one person.3.

you will be bombarded by those that will feel entitled to your personal information, sometimes after just a couple of messages.

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Why do women have to be forced to be open to someone they are NOT attracted to?????Is it too much to ask for a man to put some effort into his profile?Most pictures look like they just rolled out of bed or out of the paddy wagon.It's hard to find woman who are really sold out for Christ and will except a little baggage..I got on cuzz I have mostly dated black women in the past and attracted to..